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We are Home Remodeling Pros. Everything from kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations to basements and exterior decks. Integrity Restoration is your local, trusted contractor for home remodeling in Hillsboro and the St. Louis County area.

Your dream home is just a call away. Achieve the home restoration of your dreams with Integrity Restoration, the top home remodeling company in Hillsboro, Missouri. Whether you want a subtle change or a whole new look, we’re guaranteed to transform your home the way you want, how you want. We’re the number one fail-safe course of action when you want a different look and feel of your home. Our services are tried and tested, and we’re sure you’ll believe it when you hire us and see the house miracle for yourselves.  Kitchen remodeling has never looked this good.  And oh yeah, we do bathrooms, decks, and basements too.

That’s right, Hillsboro! A little renovation can go a long way— and its longevity way longer than the initial reservations you’ve had about your home’s old design. And we understand the feeling of wanting to make your home the best it can possibly be. We’ve known it, we’ve seen it, and we definitely experienced it all. We’re at the other end of the dream, so we do all the heavy lifting for the hopeful homeowners who want a brand new appearance when they step into their homes. It’s up to you to think about the change, and up to us to make it a reality. And best of all, it’s a piece of cake— as easy as one phone call away!  At Integrity Restoration, we do our very best to keep the cost of your renovation within budget, but we never compromise quality or craftmanship with our design and plan.

Integrity Restoration performs complete home remodeling services for interior and exterior projects. Our specialty is older home kitchen remodeling and bath remodels, as well as decks, windows, doors and basement finishes. With over 15 years of experience in home remodeling in Hillsboro and the St. Louis area , Integrity Restoration can help with any of your project needs. Call us at (314)398-4572 or email for more information or to set up a free consultation.  Let us design and construct the home remodel of your dreams.

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Home Remodeling: Bath and Kitchen Remodel Experts

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With Integrity Restoration, there are simply no second doubts about our workmanship. If you know what you want, we make sure it’s perfect down to the smallest details. And we don’t only take aesthetics into consideration. Our company makes sure that the system itself is faultless, and its quality can last you decades! So we never ever cut corners in our work. Integrity is an integral part of Integrity Restoration, and just like our name, we make sure that the work we put out is never less than the best caliber our expert team of designers and installers can produce.  If searching for kitchen remodeling companies in the area, look no further.

And if there’s one thing we collectively value, it’s you. Our clients are a key part of the process, and there would only be approved from both sides if and only if the clients’ wants are achieved down to every single aspect. Your house, your rules, and we’re the people who know that the best. Customer satisfaction is the number one thing we want after a project. A project that is catered to you and your wants and needs is one of our primary goals in home remodeling, so you could have a unique space specially designed for you and your loved ones. Whether it’s a new color scheme, a revised floor plan, or additional features you might have thought of— we provide the best results for your kitchen remodel, bath remodel, deck build, basement finishing, doors and windows, and all of your design and renovation needs.

So just as we want you to share your ideas with the crew, we also want to offer full transparency on how we do the renovation and how much we can do it for. While we may use only the best quality materials in the market to assure the durability and appearance of your home, our fees are competitively priced, unlike similar home renovation company charges.  If you are looking for home remodeling in Hillsboro or St. Louis county, we are the company your pocketbook deserves.

Kitchen Remodeling and Bath Remodeling

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where good times and good food are made. So it would be great to have a space that harmonizes with the happy memories created in here. And if the kitchen area doesn’t fit your needs, it becomes a persistent hassle in your daily routine. Integrity Restoration restores balance in your kitchen space that coordinates with your non-negotiable necessities.  All the while making it coordinate with the appeal and design that you choose for your kitchen. So if you want to push back walls for an open plan design, we can make it structurally safe and possible. If you want a change from your previous cabinets and countertops, we can paint them or transform them into your preferred design style, like marble or quartz!  From a beautiful new backsplash to a low maintenance kitchen floor, we are kitchen remodeling experts.

And don’t forget the bathroom, too! Since you use it multiple times a day, it’s possible for it to wear down faster than other parts of your home. It’s also one of the most used rooms in your house, so it’s normal for it to wear down over time. But it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a bummer for every homeowner to spend every waking hour in a less than impressive bathroom. So if you have a lot to say about it, then why don’t you change it? A good bathroom is one of the small luxuries you shouldn’t deprive yourself of.  So whether it comes in heated bathroom floors, a big showerhead, frosted shower enclosures, double sinks, or a clawfoot bathtub— it’s one you’ll be enjoying for the rest of your life!  We can help you keep the cost within reason by selecting materials that stay within budget while looking great and lasting a long time.  We are kitchen and bathroom design and installation pros.

Deck Repair and Deck Installation

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When the weather is just perfect, there should be nothing stopping you and your family from continuing with your outdoor activities, unless you don’t have a space to do it in the first place. No worries, Missouri! Integrity Restoration provides you with the best deck you can show off to your neighbors, whether it’s for weekly Sunday BBQs, parties, or just for hanging out, there’s simply no time nor reason in missing out on installing a deck in your backyard if you have the means! Get yourself a great entertaining area not only for your guests but also for your family as well!

We can build your very own customized deck. Whether it’s gigantically spacious or just enough for reading out under the sun, we’ve been there and done that, and we’re sure to give you as much satisfaction with your lovely new deck as our previous homeowners. 

If you prefer, you can have your deck shape pre-made or a custom design.  If you lean more towards a solid color, you can have your wooden deck painted in a variety of colors. If you’d like to have it stained instead, it will last longer, be more resistant to the elements, and will have a more rustic appeal by emphasizing the grain of the wood. Staining would be our suggestion in most situations and the added cost is minimal.

Door and Window Installation

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Your doors and windows are an important feature of your home. It gives you a sense of security and impenetrability that is very significant for a private space such as yours. They’re also a vital function for setting the whole atmosphere of your home. So in regards to this, Integrity Restoration takes great care in choosing the windows and doors most appropriate for the style and serviceability. They have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home at first glance, so it needs to complement the home improvement project that the company is working on. For surface-level changes, painting and staining a door or the window frames can bring great variety about already— but we also offer full replacement of doors, including expansions and reduction of door frames’ space— as well as substituting another style for a window, as well as adding more windows in the area and also the process of removing them to convert it into a continuation of a wall.

Basement Finishing

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A basement could be of much more use than just for storing useless piles of boxes and unused furniture into a dark beat-up place. A lower-level space can be great for new activities and opportunities you want to take advantage of right in the comfort of your own home. Cool right? There are a lot of ideas that you can make into reality just by utilizing the space more efficiently and much more purposefully. That way there’s more space for new interests and preferences that could help you turn your basement into a functional area.  Let us design a comfortable, yet functional basement for you and your family.

While there’s always the option for the standard basement refinishing, one where you fix it up to the barest minimum to make it an operational room— there’s also the chance to make it into the area you’ve always wanted. From late-night game viewing cheers and the heavy thud of a ping pong ball on the table— the possibilities are endless! Make it an extended living area. We can arrange it! If you want somewhere to store your extensive wine collection, then why not right under your new bar? Need some additional electrical outlets?  Let us handle the wiring and installation. A renovated basement can include a game room, a theater room, a gym, or a guest bedroom— whatever you like.

That’s a wrap! Did this convince you in renovating the home you’ve been daydreaming about? As we’ve said before, why not invest in your home? It doesn’t only benefit your ease of convenience, nor the appearance of your house, but also up your property in market value! With the help of Integrity Restoration, home remodeling has never been easier! Shoot us an email, contact us through our company number, or even get a free quote right down below, here on our website! If you are in the Hillsboro or any surrounding area, including St. Louis and are dreaming of a fresh kitchen remodel, bath remodel, or any other improvements on your property, we can make it a reality!

Integrity Restoration was created in 2003 with one man and a truck, with the purpose of using the remodeling industry as a platform to work with rehabilitated young men looking for a fresh start. As president of the company, Mike Pearman provides the necessary technical training to his new crew members, and offers his experience on leading a healthy, productive lifestyle.

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