Home Remodeling Services in the St. Louis Area

You may have recently been thinking about that dream house you’ve always wanted – without the cramped bathroom, dusty patio, and dirty kitchen that makes your house look decades old and instantly ruins the aesthetic you wanted. It seems like a far-fetched dream right now, but that’s where the wonders of Integrity Restoration home remodeling services come in. Whether you’ve recently bought a new house or wanted to start from scratch with your old home, we’ll transform any corner of your house into the most wonderful spaces – roofing, doors, windows, decks, tuckpointing – you name it!

Our team of professionals can handle any kind of remodeling work, starting from the initial planning and measurements, to recommending the best layouts and quality materials for the kind of transformation that you need. We pride ourselves on our consistent, top-quality services and products offered anytime and anywhere around St. Louis, MO to grant our clients – you – a 100% guaranteed satisfaction and the house of your dreams. 

Throughout the years of our dedication, Integrity Restoration has provided various home remodeling services to improve the functionality and overall appearance of many parts of your home. Need a new rood?  Roofing is our specialty and our roofing service is unparalleled around St. Louis. Have we mentioned our deck renovation? We’re sure to make your exterior spaces as fashionable as the inside and let you enjoy the comfort of your outside living space. Maybe you want to do something about your doors and windows that are about to break apart? No worries, we got the energy-efficient, durable replacements at the ready.

Doesn’t that sound like everything that you need? With Integrity Restoration guiding you every step of the way, there’s just no limit to what you can imagine your house to be. Any project big or small, from exterior renovations to interior remodeling, our team is ready to put in the fast and quality work with just one phone call. It’s about time to bring life back into your house, exactly as you want.

Expert Home Remodeling in the St. Louis area

Whatever you wish your home could be, Integrity Restoration has got your back. You can choose from a range of our home remodeling services depending on your needs, and our team will take care of working around your preferences, budget, and all that dirty work. Don’t miss a chance to improve the value of your home with our unique styles and layout, as well as our energy-efficient and functional products only from our renowned suppliers.


Deck Remodeling

As one of the most easily seen areas of your house, it’s never a bad decision to spruce up your house decks for appeal. More importantly so, if they’re accumulating with molds and dust, and barely looking like a deck at all. In any case, Integrity Restoration provides every type of exterior and deck renovation for your patios, porches, and other outdoor spaces that are above your expectations. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy hours of lounging, playing, and BBQ nights on your house decks? When you hire our deck installation services, you get all the choices of colors, layouts, decorations, and materials at your disposal (while completely within your budget). All in the hands of the home remodeling pros of St. Louis, of course.

Doors and Windows

Nobody wants to take the risk of a barely working door or a broken window. And probably a drab-looking one, while we’re at it. If you’re thinking about replacing your doors and windows with more durable, energy-efficient units, our team is your one-stop, reliable solution that you can count on. Whether it’s about replacing the sidings or installing thick wooden doors for extra sturdiness, we’ll follow through on what’s the best recommendations for you and your homes to get the best value at your utmost convenience.

Tuckpointing Service

We now offer tuckpointing services as well.  From tuckpointing an entire house to small spot jobs, you can trust Integrity to tuck point the brick on your home or business.  We also do chimney tuckpointing and repair.


Your dream living space doesn’t seem so impossible to have now, don’t they? Our range of home remodeling services can easily guarantee you the best experience and satisfaction. Integrity Restoration has the professional team, the hand-picked materials, trendy layouts, and a mindset centered around cost and energy efficiency, along with our dedication to bringing out the best value and aesthetic you’d ever want. All that’s left for you is to let your imagination run wild and get in touch with our team now! Let the top home remodelers in town handle the rest.

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