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Integrity Restoration, based in St. Louis, is a prominent roofing contractor that offers top-notch roof inspection, roof repair, roof maintenance, roof replacement, and roof installation services to both residential and commercial property owners. For years, Integrity Restoration has been a trusted roofing company in St. Louis, St. Charles, and all surrounding areas. Integrity Restoration is your neighborhood roofing expert in St. Louis. We are the roofer St. Louis deserves. Please contact us today!

Roof Repair Service

Damage to your roof can happen at any time. In most situations, these issues are caused by unpredictably bad weather, such as excessive sun or wind exposure, strong rain, extreme temperatures, and so on. The good news is that Integrity Restoration, your top roof repair business in St. Louis, will make sure these issues don’t persist long! Our customers are our first concern. Our roof repair professionals deliver unmatched services with top-notch expertise and dependable supplies. We provide roofing inspections and repairs that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer. You’ll get the excellent service you deserve at a price you can afford. We provide thorough roof inspections, repairs, and maintenance. We endeavor to exceed your expectations as one of the most reputable roofing repair companies.

Roof Replacement and Installation

You will never have to worry about degradation again if you choose our new roof installation services. Increase the value of your home or business by investing in a new roof. Our professionals can examine your home, whether it is an existing structure or a new development, to find the best roofing option for you. We provide the highest quality roof replacement and installation services to our customers in the St. Louis area. We provide you with thorough and transparent service throughout the process – we will accurately analyze the damage, present you with a detailed estimate, and replace your roof swiftly, competently, and at a reasonable price. In St. Louis and all surrounding locations, we provide high-quality roof replacement. We are renowned as a trustworthy roofing company for our dependable roofing services and skillful labor.

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We repair roofs made of all material, including shingles, metal, and tile.

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Roofing Inspections

Bad storms in your area?  A roof inspection will give you peace of mind in knowing that your roof is still up to snuff.

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Roof Replacement and Installation

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