Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Sooner or later, you’re going to want your kitchen to have a larger space to fit your lifestyle. Or you probably want to scratch out your entire bathroom into something more convenient (with the aesthetics!). There are a variety of things you can do to improve your homes – from renovating certain parts to installing brand new cabinetry and floorings – and Integrity Restoration lives up to its names like the kitchen and bath remodelers that we are. When you work with us, it’s guaranteed that you’d be getting the best value at an affordable fee, and more importantly, the kitchen remodeling and bath remodeling that you’ve always asked for…and more. We put all our efforts, skills, experience, and expertise on the line for each of our projects, big or small. So, if you’re looking for the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and you just so happened to be in the Hillsboro, MO area – you’ve come to the right place.

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Service

With the flurry of activities in the kitchen and being the heart of one’s home, it’s always important to have ample space and comfort for everyone in your home. If your countertops are going out of style or your floorings and units looking aged-up, then it’s a prime time to consider Integrity Restoration’s top-tier kitchen remodeling. A few of our in-demand services include cabinetry replacement and installation, walls and floorings, countertop renovation, hardware, fixtures, and everything in between. Seems like a dandy package? There’s more to it.

We aid our clients to plan out their desired layouts and designs – going for a modernized look? A multi-functional kitchen? Going for a bit on the antique and traditional style? You name it. Our experienced designers will pick out and recommend the best combination of colors and materials for you, all within your scope of budget and needs. And basically, run you through the entire process for a hassle-free experience and to keep you updated on every detail. Your house, your rules. All that matters to us is that you can end up enjoying the looks and feel of your freshly re-built kitchen and deliver the Integrity Restoration way of kitchen renovations to you.

The Finest in Bath Remodeling

Renovating an entire bathroom may seem overwhelming at first, with all the nifty technologies and seemingly permanent tiling and countertops that’s just a pure hassle to replace. But why else would bathroom remodeling pros like Integrity Restoration be here in the first place?

For years, we have dealt with hundreds of bathroom renovation projects, from simple bathtub replacements to a full-on renovation from scratch. We make sure to offer our customers state-of-the-art products and materials from respected suppliers, all while delivering the most efficient and quality services from yours truly. There’s just no ‘dream bathroom’ that an experienced bath remodeling company can’t achieve. Not when we offer every kind of upgrading and renovation services for your bathrooms – bathtub replacement, showers and enclosures, floor tiling and walls upgrade, countertop, and cabinetry installation, etc. 

Soon enough, you’ll have one of the most functional and comfortable spaces in your homes, with just a quick phone call. We can’t wait to transform your “just a bathroom” into a “bathroom look that you’ve always wanted and more”.  For the best in bath remodeling in the Hillsboro and surrounding areas, including St. Louis, look no further.

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