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We don’t really notice it, but doors and windows are important for every household. Doors separate rooms from each other, while windows offer natural light and some fresh air for the entire house. If you are in need of door and window installation services, then you should call Integrity Restoration. We are a company that specializes in all types of home remodeling services, including your doors and windows!

Well, what are you waiting for? When it comes to doors and windows, we are the best company to do the job. Call us now for your next home remodeling and door/window installation services, and you can get a free quote from our team!

Door Installation Experts in St. Louis

Doors aren’t just there for aesthetics. They’re actually very important for passing through different rooms, and they must be kept sturdy to avoid accidents. Our company offers door installation or replacement services for all types of doorframes, and here are some of the reasons why we are the best one for the job:

The Right Door to Every Doorframe

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor or indoor door replacement, we always have the perfect door that would fit your doorframe. If a door is too small, there would be gaps at the top and bottom, and if the door is too big, it would not close properly. In fact, we also offer custom doors if you have a particular design you want in mind.

High-Quality Materials

We only obtain our raw materials from trusted and legitimate sources, so we promise you that you will get the best quality materials for your doors. After all, we want them to last for a long time, so we make sure that our workers are very meticulous when it comes to crafting the perfect door for you. Simply ask our team if you have a particular material in mind for your doors, and we would gladly assist you through it.

Window Installation Pros in St. Louis

Windows are just as important as doors because they allow natural light and fresh air to enter the house. Our company specializes in window installation and replacement services to make sure that you get the best window for your home.

Safe Installation

Windows deal with a lot of glass, and you might be worried that unprofessional workers would not handle your windows properly during installation or replacement. Well, with our company, you won’t have to worry about such a thing! Our professionals have years of experience in the field, which means that they know everything there is to know about proper window installation and removal methods.

Window Maintenance

Our work does not end with the installation of your doors and windows. After that, we would also teach you different maintenance tips on how to properly care for them. Most of them would seem like regular things you can do every day, but doing so would benefit your doors and windows in the long run! However, you can still call us if you need assistance in other types of maintenance, such as heavy repairs for your windows or glass replacements.

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