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Decks are popular in American homes. It’s perfect for hanging outside with your friends, family, or even play with your pets. Some people would even install pools in decks so that you can enjoy a nice weekend with some barbeque! If you are interested in installing a deck for your own yard, then allow us to introduce ourselves! We are Integrity Restoration, a home remodeling company in St. Louis, MO and we specialize in deck installation.

Deck installation involves a series of steps and processes to follow in order to successfully construct a deck for your home. As part of our procedure, we offer the following for our deck installation and deck building services:

High-Quality Materials

The quality of the wood greatly affects its performance outdoors. It’s important to consider what type of wood you would use for your deck, whether it will be installed in a shaded area, if it will experience a lot of foot traffic, or if there would be a garden near the wood. Even if you don’t have much knowledge about these staff, our team would help you through each step, providing you with the best materials that will suit your needs.  We are a deck builder you can trust.

Pressure Washing

Other than a fence installation, we also offer regular cleaning for your decks. Although regular washing with soap and water is helpful, pressure washing cleans deeper and makes your fence look good as new again. After having us install your deck, you can also call us after a few months for the deck’s regular pressure washing maintenance. That way, your deck will always look brand new, even years after installation!

Deck Painting / Staining

Deck installation doesn’t stop after simply installing the woods. In order to preserve your deck and make it last longer, we apply a coating for the wood, and this is called staining or painting. There are different types of paints or stains for your decks, and each one has its own perks. If you want to have a completely new color for your deck and protect the wood from UV light, then you can opt for deck painting. Meanwhile, if you want to preserve the natural color and grain of the wood, then you can apply a transparent stain coat for the wood. Either way, your deck will look shiny and beautiful afterward!

Deck Repair and Replacement

Our company also takes pride in different home remodeling services, which include repairing your deck after it acquired damages over time. With just a single call, we’d be at our doorstep, ready to fix up your deck in a jiffy. If the damage is too great, then we also offer replacement services for single boards, so you wouldn’t have to replace your entire deck.

Professional Maintenance Tips

With a professional home remodeling company like Integrity Restoration, you’ll not only get remodeling services from us but also useful tips on how to maintain your home and make your furniture last longer. This also includes decks, and our team has plenty of tips to tell because of their years of experience in the field.  You will not find a more knowledgeable deck builder in the area.  Call us today or you can always visit us at

Deck Repair and Installation

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