Basement Finishing

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Many houses in America have basements, which serve many purposes depending on the house, and St. Louis MO is no different. Since the basement is located under the house, many homes don’t even prioritize this much, and some basements fall to neglect as time goes on.

Are you planning to remodel or reconstruct your basement? Then look no more! We are Integrity Restoration, a company that specializes in home remodeling services! In our years in service, we have dedicated ourselves to giving your home a fresh new look, and all within the best prices too.

Well, what are you waiting for? Call us now for your next home remodeling and basement finishing services, and you can get a free quote from our team!

Let us Finish Your Basement

With basement finishing services, we can help you repurpose your basement into an entirely new room. That way, you can have more space in your home without having to change anything upstairs! In fact, here are some of the services we offer with regards to basement finishing:

Basement Design

Before we get to all the physical work, we must first plan how we want the basement to look. With this, we have a team of professionals that are well-versed with CAD and 3D modeling designs, which would help you better visualize the outcome you want for your basement. After all, we have modern technology in our hands, why not make the most out of it?

Window and Door Installation

If we want to enter a room, we’d first need a door, right? This is why our company also gives importance to window and door installations, and we want our clients to comfortable enter and exit the basement without their heads hitting the doorframe. Plus, with windows, we can let some air circulate around the room without relying too much on air conditioning.

Room Lighting

Basements can get pretty dark, especially since sunlight can’t really illuminate the room well. With Integrity Restoration, we promise you that your basement will be well-lit every time you use it. In fact, we even offer adjustable lights, so you can change the lights too bright or dim to fit whichever you need.


Other than proper lighting, proper air conditioning is also considered when performing basement remodeling services, because basements can get very hot during the day. Rather than hiring another company to install your heater and air conditioners, you can simply hire us to do the work too! We also have a team of experts that specialize in proper wiring to allow different HVAC appliances in your basement.

Wall and Floor Installation

The walls and floor will greatly affect how your basement would look, so you’d want one that will suit your taste. In our company, we offer a wide variety of walls to choose from, and we would also install and apply them for you. Whether you want hardwood floor or tiles for the floors or whichever color or wallpaper you want your walls to look like, you can leave all the dirty work to us!

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